A Document And File Management System

Client : CloudFuze

A desktop application built to enhance and support the cloud-equivalent of this file mangement system


This project required me to create a desktop application mirroring the web-based document sync service of CloudFuze. This application integrated with several cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Box, S3, etc. and synced the files saved there under the user’s account to the desktop. Access control was imposed on every file stored on the desktop via this application and credentials were required to access these files. 

When this application was developed, both Windows XP and Windows 7 were popular OSes. The transition from one Windows OS to another was causing issues as Windows XP is an Object Oriented file system and Windows 7 uses the XML defined file system. The main challenge was to have the application support both the operating systems while referring to the roadmap given by Microsoft and the evolution of the upcoming operating systems.