I am Amol Patil

I am Amol Patil

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Amol Patil

Expertise in: Power Platform Xamarin WPF ReactJS/React Native AngularJS Python .Net Core Apps


I have 10+ years of experience developing applications and services that help businesses grow. Over the years, I have successfully completed and delivered dozens of projects, giving me an extensive experience in the field. Some of my major work is highlighted below.


Jan 2021 - Present - Technical Architect

Power Platform Specialist

Jan 2021 - Present

Acquiscent Technologies Pvt. Ltd

March 2020 - Present - Consulting for Rioplay

A cross-platform application, 2021 version, built in Xamarin. (Ongoing)

Dec 2018 - Sep 2019 - Consulting for Optra Health

ABIF files processing and visualization. 

See project info for more details.

Feb 2017- July 2017 - Consulting for Rioplay

An Encrypted, anti-piracy application for courses

Technologies used:   Record Shield WPF

May 2016 - Feb 2017 - Consulting for Optra Systems 

Blood sample testing system automation and imaging

I created a multi-threaded application that allowed for programming the automation of various tests done for different blood samples. Custom user controls allowed these automations to be changed as required. These test results were also required to be visualized and graphically  represented.

Technologies used: C#  WPF  Teletik Toolkit XML  VC++

Feb 2014 - Present

Budget Management Software

This was a project in the financial domain that required development of a Windows application as well as a webapp. I had the responsibility of developing and deploying the web application as well as generate and maintain the executable installer created with InstallShield.

Technologies used: ASP.net  WPF  SQL server  Infographics Toolkit  InstallShield      

Stock Market Trading and Prediction Application

This was a desktop trading application for the Chinese stock markets, built using Bloomberg APIs. It collected live and historical data and computed the probabilities of stock movement in the prevailing market conditions. I worked on gathering requirements, creating an algorithm, coding business logic, developing a fast, multi-threading platform, and data visualization.

Technologies used: WPF  Oxyplot Toolkit Bloomberg APIs 

Machine Design Application

A Google Sketch-like app developed as a desktop application that helped you design machine parts.

Technologies used: WPF 

June 2011 - Dec 2013

Groceries Market Inventory Management Application

This was a desktop application that required end-to-end design, architecture, development and ongoing maintenance.

Technologies used: DevExpress Toolkit  C# 

Fleet Management and Payment Application

This was a desktop application for management of transportation/logistic vehicles. It allowed customers to book these vehicles and make payment for these bookings.

Technologies used: DevExpress Toolkit  C#  

Jan 2011 - May 2011

Quality Management Software

This was a desktop application development project and I had the complete responsibility of creating the system architecture, designing and creating the database structure, coding, testing and delivery. 

Technologies used: .Net Windows Forms Infragistics Toolkit C# .SQL server

June 2010 - Dec 2010


I have gained a wide range of technical skills over the years, but I would consider development on the Microsoft technical stack as my specialty.

Technical Expertise

Power Apps
Power BI
.Net Core
ReactJS / React Native
Windows Forms
Wix and Installsheild
Power Automate

Spoken Languages

English (Daily use)


I am always looking to learn and gain greater expertise in my area of work. Below are my recent certifications.

Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Fundamentals


MCSA: Universal Windows Platform - Certified 2019​


MTA: Software Development Fundamentals


Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate


Microsoft Certified: Platform App Maker Associate



Below are some of my featured projects showcasing the wide range of technologies I have worked with.

Oncomate: Visualizing Slides Data

Oncomate is a desktop application that parses and visualizes the raw data containined in large ABIF files.

WPF, SQL Express, Data Visualization toolkits, Wix Setup toolkits    

Cloud Charges Estimation Calculator

A web application to gather data from various cloud services and estimate price from your configured system.

React Native, S3, APIs of various cloud service providers

Marketing Data Collection and Visualization

Collect marketing data from several different ad platforms, process it and store it for powering daily reports

Python, Tableau, AWS S3, AWS Athena, Various APIs

Daily Team Expense Management App

A mobile application built with Power Apps for complete expenses management within the company

Power Apps, Power BI for visualization, Tally Integration

A Document and File Management System

A desktop application built to enhance and support the cloud-equivalent of this file mangement system

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Aircraft Maintenance Request Application

A mobile and web application built to enable users to ask for scheduled or urgent maintenance requests

Android App, iOS App, Google Places API, Backend Integrations