Client : Optra Health

Oncomate is a desktop application that parses and visualizes the raw data containined in large ABIF files


In this project that lasted for about a year and a half, I was the solution architect and technical lead. I was responsible for researching and developing the algorithm and the required application. The objective was to take the ABIF file, generated when a slide is scanned on any capillary Electrophoresis instrument, and visualize the data in a desktop application. The main challenge in this project was to normalize raw data from ABIF files. 

I developed the C# based algorithm to convert raw data into readable objects and  developed charts with multithreading support to prepare data for more than 50000 data values. The entire project had an extensive unit test suite to verify application functionality and deliver quality code. 

I also submitted project deliverables like Solution Architecture Document, SRS Document, and Module and Data Flow Diagrams. The desktop application supported a setup and licensing service via WiX toolkit.